Master Artist Michelle Loughery Hosts AR:T Route Radio Trailer

September 22, 2020


BIG ART, BIG WALLS, BIG STORIES! When Walls Talk! Join Master Artist Michelle Loughery and friends, as they bring community mural art to life.  

Climb the digital scaffolding and listen as walls reveal their secrets of over 30 years of mural projects globally. Her stories are inclusive, revealing and raw. The invisible spaces between the cities and the systems came to life while Loughery was perched on scaffolding for three decades. These are the stories from those walls.   Conversations about connecting and collaborating with creatives and community.

This is the artist view of those walls and the conversations of those who were part of the giant canvases.  Though many assisted Loughery and allowed the projects to gain momentum, Loughery was the creative force that fueled the vision. Now decades later, she is still deemed a pioneer by those who aided in the projects, by the artists and the youth, and by those who followed in her footsteps to pursue mural-based art in other communities.

The award-winning projects were also considered a monumental success based on tourism and socio-economic impacts and legacies. 

Loughery’s Wayfinder Mural Projects have helped communities raise millions of dollars, while connecting youth and elders to skills and their communities.   

Soon, what began in a small rural coal mining town, picked up momentum and started a movement, and the dream of a connected highway mural trail called AR:T ROUTE Blue - Destination Mural Town.   Her current Wayfinder Sunflower Project is connecting seniors and youth through digital and place-making art, and storytelling. 


AR:T ROUTE Radio - Host Michelle Loughery
Master Muralist and Artitect Thinker.

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