Roots to Routes Muralist Michelle Loughery hosts artist Patricia Kozler #001

November 17, 2020

In Season 1 of AR:T ROUTE RADIO, “When Seniors Create" Loughery goes right to her roots to her momma's kitchen table. Through the window of modern party line technology Loughery spends time making perogies with her mother, artist Patrica Kozler, one of the major influencers in Loughery’s career. 

The two talk about how art impacted them as rural women and how important community art is in connecting all generations, especially in community building in these times.   Pull up a chair, grab a tea and take a listen!

Connect to the histories about two small towns of Loughery’s childhood … Natal and Michel.   The film 'That’s the Price’, directed by Michael Scott, the story of the coal mining towns that disappeared, and in the podcast, how Loughery painted that history so the roots would not be forgotten. 
"What happens to two dying coal towns in British Columbia when an American corporation provides a contract for millions of tons of coking coal? The film follows the consequences for the towns of Natal and Michel, suggesting that industrial growth has its price, especially with regard to the environment."


Join Michelle and guests as they “take it to the wall” through conversations about art and art as social change and so much more.

AR:T ROUTE Radio - Host Michelle Loughery
Master Muralist and Artitect Thinker.

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