Talking to the Sunflowers with Artist Michelle Loughery E024

March 1, 2022

Talking to the Sunflowers is an episode about the power of collaboration. The element of wonder and surprise at the collective talents of one’s peers, and the light that art can share on the renewal and the true meaning of community. We are all seeds and sunflowers, living a creative life along the generational lifepath of creation. When that collides into a collaborative exhibit … it is magic; and the SEED by SEED group of highly regarded artists have created an incredible showcase of sunflower light.  HEAR the ART and SEE the RADIO on AR:T ROUTE Radio.

To learn more, follow the links to The Wayfinder Sunflower Project and the incredible showcase of sunflower light   at Gallery Vertigo



Follow the links to learn more about this episode of Talking to the Sunflowers guest artists ... 

Artist Jo Petty
Artist Jennifer Greenwood
Artist Sheila Tansey 
Artist Charley Hampton
Artist Patricia Doyle

Join Master Artist MICHELLE LOUGHERY and guests as they “TAKE IT TO THE WALL” through conversations about art as placemaking, social change, and so much more.

Host Master Muralist Michelle Loughery

AR:T ROUTE Blue music by Tanya Lipscomb.

The Sunflower Project

Master Artist Michelle Loughery










Master Artist Michelle Loughery Host AR:T ROUTE Radio.
Master Artist, Muralist and Artitect thinker.
Creative place maker, community and youth champion.

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